Hey, I am Jatin.
A product designer, speaker and a tinkerer. I am currently designing the experience of using T-Mobile for business.


Here are some of the projects that I have worked on.

About me

Hi, my name is Jatin!

I am a Product Designer at T-mobile based in the DC metro area.

I possess a diverse set of experience that includes leading the CX for T-mobile for business, UX design for SoGo Survey at K12 Insight: an EdTech startup, designing an Augmented reality game, UX research (accessibility) for ride sharing apps and as a front-end developer.

With product design, I strive to create experiences that are engaging (taking principles from game design), accessible (everyone in this world is disabled at some point in their lives) and technically feasible (using my development background).

Watch me here giving my passion pitch.

Currently focused on building and maintaining relationships and doing things that make me afraid.

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